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A Little Sewing Magic

Hodel and I have been watching a lot of Project Runway on T.V.  It is an awesome show where fashion designers compete in challenges to see who can make the best outfit.  It always makes me want to learn how to sew.  Hodel and I decided to try and make dresses for our dolls, Nancy and Rosie.  Rosie's clothes don't come off, and Nancy only owns red socks, so we had to use red and white material to avoid clashing.  We found some awesome red and white satin to use.  I measured the dolls and Hodel cut pieces of material for us.

We sewed and cut and pinned and sewed some more, and when we were done...well, it was not very good.  The satin material raveled like crazy if we so much as touched it.  If Nancy lifted her arms, she flashed everyone, and if Rosie tried to walk, one whole side of her body popped out (so it was actually good that her original clothes do not come off)!  They could not go out in public dressed like that, or they'd get arrested! 

Well, we were pretty bummed at the outcome after all that work.  I just hate it when my projects or ideas don't work out at all.  Hodel said we should go outside to play and forget about it, so we did.

But then...this morning, we got a huge surprise.

We came into the living room where we had left the poor dolls in a heap in their bad-fitting dresses, and found the dolls back on the shelf wearing beautiful satin skirts and capes!!  There was note hanging over them that said, "For Hodel and Anna Lee - remember, practice makes perfect!

We were so surprised!  Hodel kept asking, "but who was it?  Who made the outfits?"  I thought for sure it was Katie, because "practice makes perfect" is just the kind of thing she might say if someone gets frustrated trying to learn something.  But when we asked her, she insisted she didn't do it!  She said it must have been elves who thought we needed a little bit of magic to inspire us.  I'm not sure if I believe her or not, but Hodel does.  She thinks it might have been fairies instead of elves; she hasn't decided.  I'd like to think it was really elves or fairies, because it's much more fun that way!

But whoever it was, Nancy and Rosie now have beautiful new satin outfits that are fit to wear in public!  YAY!!!


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Aug. 29th, 2010 04:27 pm (UTC)
Wow. Those fairies must be hard at work! ;) Even thought your project didn't turn out like you hoped, you tried your hardest, which is the most important part!

You girls are very lucky!

(P.S: Love the matching braids! Too cute!)

Miss you girls lots,
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